Lake Kurwongbah aerial panorama.

Having recently relocated, this was my first real adventure out exploring the area for images; this is a 37-image (four rows) aerial panoramic stitch of Lake Kurwongbah, in Petrie/Kallangur, just a little north of Brisbane.


Lake Kurwongbah 2AM 0484-0520 stitch
©2018 Andrew McInnes


The following is a portion of the aerial panoramic stitch above.

Lake Kurwongbah 2AM 0484-0520 stitch_crop
©2018 Andrew McInnes


Hope you enjoy. Cheers 

A quick (2 nights) visit to Fraser Island, Queensland.

“Fraser” is the largest sand island in the world, is fascinating in its diversity, and absolutely stunning. I recently spent two nights on family vacation on the splendid Fraser Island, Queensland. As it was a family holiday, these were opportunistic photos and as such do not represent the vast diversity of habitats and scenery.

This is Lake McKenzie – a beautiful spot to have a freshwater swim.

Fraser Island 2AM-005282 ©Andrew McInnes


The view back as you approach Lake Wabby.

Fraser Island 2AM-005283 ©Andrew McInnes


The view up the sand dune from Lake Wabby.

Fraser Island 2AM 5293-5294 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


Sunrise ocean motion.

Fraser Island 2AM-005313 ©Andrew McInnes


Stranded jellyfish.

Fraser Island 2AM-005316 ©Andrew McInnes


Tempestuous sunrise.

Fraser Island 2AM 5342-5344 HDR ©Andrew McInnes


Ocean approachin’.

Fraser Island 2AM-005349 ©Andrew McInnes


Stranded jellyfish again.

Fraser Island 2AM-005353 ©Andrew McInnes


Beach Spinifex (Spinifex sericeus) in front of  She-oaks (Allocasuarina and Casuarina spp.).

Fraser Island 2AM-005360 ©Andrew McInnes


Beach Spinifex (Spinifex sericeus).

Fraser Island 2AM-005361 ©Andrew McInnes


Beach Highway.

Fraser Island 2AM-005364 ©Andrew McInnes


Goats-foot Convolvulus (Ipomea pescaprae subsp. brasiliensis) and Beach Spinifex (Spinifex sericeus).

Fraser Island 2AM-005375 ©Andrew McInnes


Beach airstrip.

Fraser Island 2AM-005384 ©Andrew McInnes


North view from Indian Head.

Fraser Island 2AM 5406-5413 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


South view from Indian Head.

Fraser Island 2AM-005417 ©Andrew McInnes


The beautiful Pacific Ocean as it meets the beach next to Indian Head.

Fraser Island 2AM-005419 ©Andrew McInnes


4WD’s from Indian Head.

Fraser Island 2AM-005420 ©Andrew McInnes


Contemplation on Indian Head.

Fraser Island 2AM-005425 ©Andrew McInnes


A very busy day at the famed Champagne Pools.

Fraser Island 2AM-5440-5443 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


Cruising down Eli Creek.

Fraser Island 2AM-005448
©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

Aerial views of the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Aerial views of some of the volcanic plugs (remnants of volcanic activity that occurred 25-27 million years ago), known as the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Some of the mountains included in these images are Mount Beerwah, Mount Coonowrin (‘Crookneck’), Mount Ngungun, Mount Tibrogargan, and Mount Tunbubudla (‘The Twins’).

Mount Beerwah 2AM-000330 ©Andrew McInnes


Mount Beerwah 2AM 0319-0324 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

More from Purling Brook Falls and Goomoolahra Falls, Springbrook National Park – the Scenic Rim, Queensland.

This post is of the spectacular Purling Brook (Purlingbrook) Falls and Goomoolahra Falls (also known as Bilbrough Falls) within Springbrook National Park – itself within the fabulous Scenic Rim region of Queensland.

These aerial images are taken with a drone.

Goomoolahra Falls 2AM-000338 ©Andrew McInnes


Purling Brook Falls 2AM-000369 ©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

Numinbah Valley, Ships Stern, Best of All Lookout, and Mt. Warning (Wollumbin) – a panorama.

With all the inclement weather we have been experiencing lately, I thought I’d check out the scene near Beechmont in the stunning Gold Coast hinterland.

This is a 3-row, 19-image panorama. Included in this scene is the Numinbah Valley, Ships Stern, Best of All Lookoutand Mt. Warning (Wollumbin) – the remnant plug of the ancient Tweed Shield Volcano.

Tweed Shield Volcano 2AM 9801-9820 stitch. ©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂