Round Hill Creek – Town of 1770, Queensland.

Aerial images of Round Hill Creek, at the Town of 1770, Queensland.

Seventeen Seventy 2AM 0769-0778 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000742
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000743
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000744
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000745
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000766
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000786
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-0703-0715 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM 0736-0740 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-0746-0748 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-0749-0756 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-0757-0765 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-000735
©Andrew McInnes

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Boats at dusk – Town of 1770, Queensland.

Boats at rest during a tranquil sunset on Round Hill Creek – the Town of 1770, Queensland.

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009255 ©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009260 ©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009401 ©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009545 ©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009552 ©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009556 ©Andrew McInnes

Seventeen Seventy 2AM-009571 ©Andrew McInnes

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Aerials around Noosa, Queensland.

A visit with an old friend afforded me a little spare time to capture a little series of aerial images around Noosa, Queensland.


Noosa 2AM-000472
©Andrew McInnes


Noosa 2AM 0457-0458 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Noosa 2AM-000429
©Andrew McInnes


Noosa 2AM-000427
©Andrew McInnes


Noosa 2AM 0403-0406 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Noosa 2AM-000409
©Andrew McInnes


Noosa 2AM 0414-0422 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

Double Island Point, Carlo Sand Blow, and Carlo Point – Rainbow Beach, Queensland.

A series of images of Double Island Point, Carlo Sand Blow, and Carlo Point during an express visit with friends who live in this beautiful area – Rainbow Beach, Queensland.

Sunset viewed from Carlo Sandblow.

Carlo Sandblow 2AM 0840-0846 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM-006744
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM-006747
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM-006753
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM-006757
©Andrew McInnes


Early morning and sunrise at Carlo Sand Blow.

Carlo Sandblow 2AM-006764
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM 6776-6778 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM 6779-6784 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM-000893
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM 0860-0864 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM 6873-6894 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Sandblow 2AM 0880-0892 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Double Island Point.

Double Island Point 2AM 899-911 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Double Island Point 2AM-000929
©Andrew McInnes

Double Island Point 2AM-000930
©Andrew McInnes

Double Island Point 2AM-000931
©Andrew McInnes


Carlo Point, on the estuary side of Rainbow Beach.

Carlo Point 2AM-000932 ©Andrew McInnes


Estuarine leachate funnelling off tidal flats during ebb tide…

Carlo Point 2AM-000938 ©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Point 2AM-000940 ©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Point 2AM-000942 ©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Point 2AM-000944 ©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Point 2AM 0946-0948 stitch
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Point 2AM-000969
©Andrew McInnes

Carlo Point 2AM-000970
©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

Aerials of the Bribie Island bridge and Pumicestone Passage, Queensland.

A series of aerial (drone) images of the Bribie Island bridge and Pumicestone Passage, Queensland.

Bribie Island 2AM 0563-0565 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM-000535 ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM-000537 ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM-000538 ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM 0541-0556 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM 0557-0558 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM-000560 ©Andrew McInnes


Bribie Island 2AM-000561 ©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

Black Swans and Fishermen greet a golden dawn – Pumicestone Passage, Caloundra, QLD.

A pair of Black Swans (Cygnus stratus) greet the dawn over Bribie Island and Pumicestone Passage, as seen from Golden Beach, Caloundra.

Golden Beach 2AM-003674 ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Oh to be boating (and fishing) on a tranquil summer morning such as this.

Pumicestone Passage 2AM-008338 ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Cheers, 🙂

Aerial images around Caloundra, plus Trichodesmium sp. – the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

These aerial (drone) scenes include Kings Beach, Wickham Headland, Shelly Beach, Moffat Headland, Pumicestone Passage, Bribie Island, the Glasshouse Mountains (in the background), and Caloundra – on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

Kings Beach 2AM 0424-0425 panorama stitch ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

The sea-sawdust slicks on the water surface in the following images is likely Trichodesmium sp. – a cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), and is also called whale food, sea scum and, incorrectly, whale sperm. Found in nutrient-poor tropical and subtropical ocean waters, Trichodesmium are ‘nitrogen fixers’- they can take nitrogen gas from the air and ‘fix’ it in a form that can be transferred through the food chain. This function is very important as Nitrogen is essential to life and while there is an abundance of it in the air (air is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen), most plants and animals can’t make use of it in that form.

Wickham Point 2AM 0434-0437 panorama stitch ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Trichodesmium 2AM-000408

Trichodesmium 2AM-000408 ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Trichodesmium 2AM-000419

Trichodesmium 2AM-000419 ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Trichodesmium 2AM-000422

Trichodesmium 2AM-000422 ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Cheers 🙂

Early-summer thunderstorms, Caloundra.

We have experienced a few dramatic early-summer thunderstorms at our new home over the last few weeks. These scenes are from Kings Beach and Happy Valley, at Caloundra – on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Some show storms building, others in mid-action, and others of the retreat.


Kings Beach 2AM 3781-3786 stitch


Caloundra 2AM-003731


Caloundra 2AM-003541


Caloundra 2AM-003548


Caloundra 2AM-003700


Caloundra 2AM-003701


Caloundra 2AM-003712


Kings Beach 2AM-003643


Kings Beach 2AM-003646


Kings Beach 2AM-003647