Malaysia (3 of 3) – Scenes from a ship on the South China Sea.

This is the third, and final, post covering my recent trip to Malaysia. As it was not a photography or vacation trip, I took one camera with one lens – no tripod, flash, etc. Consequently, all of these images are handheld or rested on objects, and all are taken essentially as ‘snapshots’ throughout the day/night and with whatever light was available, not targeted light. All images were captured with Canon 7D and Canon 24-105mm f/4L lens. Taking images with a slow shutter speed on a moving ship is certainly challenging 🙂

All images are Copyright © Andrew McInnes/2AM Photography. All rights reserved.

South China Sea 2AM-116929_7D

South China Sea 2AM-116929
Clouds and some of the unidentified islands (to me at least) of the South China Sea, photographed through the plane’s window somewhere between Kuala Lumpur (on the Malaysian peninsular) and Labuan Island (just off Malaysian Borneo).


South China Sea 2AM-117331_7D

South China Sea 2AM-117331
A glorious dusk on the South China Sea off Borneo. This image includes some of the fender chains at the bow.


South China Sea 2AM-117315_7D

South China Sea 2AM-117315
More from the bow of the ship – a spectacular sunset.


South China Sea 2AM-117353_7D

South China Sea 2AM-117353
Ripples on a calm, golden sea.


South China Sea 2AM-117354_7D

South China Sea 2AM-117354
Gold and steel.


South China Sea 2AM 117300-117310

South China Sea 2AM 117300-117310
A ten image panorama.



So long Malaysia, you are lovely and diverse, as are your people.