Sweet, delicious pineapples and the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Fresh locally grown pineapples on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland = DELICIOUS.

This series of photos (the first three) includes a pre-dusk image, then a blue-hour image including light-painting, then a startrail and light-painting image.

Pineapples 2AM-004190
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Glasshouse Mountains 2AM 4405_16_18_HDR
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Glasshouse Mountains 2AM 4418-4532_stack
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapple 2AM-008595
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapple 2AM-008599
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapple 2AM-008600
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapples 2AM-8607-8612_stack
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Cheers 🙂

Posting #3 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

This post contains images from my express visit to Coral Bay and Exmouth, Western Australia.


Ah, the tropics 🙂


On the Minilya – Exmouth road. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



A ‘short’ road train delivers supplies to Exmouth. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


These next three images are from Coral Bay – a stunning and simple place.


The front of the image is shallow water over a sand substrate; this then abruptly drops off into a deepish lagoon which is protected by Ningaloo Reef (Australia’s “other” reef) in the background. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



A mooring line and buoy – the cerulean water deepens rapidly here, making for fantastic swimming. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Two youths paddle in the tranquil waters behind Ningaloo Reef. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Unfortunately I only spent about 8 hours in Exmouth which is nowhere near sufficient. Nevertheless, here are some scenes of this fascinating area.


A light-painting of Yardie Creek (Cape Range National Park) during dusk’s blue hour. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Pebble Beach, Exmouth. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Pebble Beach, Exmouth. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


A light-painting of the retired (non-functioning) Vlamingh Head Lighthouse – Exmouth. The evening air was thick with moisture from the Indian Ocean as it pounded Ningaloo Reef so I thought I’d make an image to suggest how the light from the lighthouse may have appeared to mariners of yore. During the 30 second exposure I mimicked a beam of light from the lighthouse by aiming my spotlight on the structure for a few seconds, allowing the moisture in the air to appear as a beam.
This image includes the Southern Cross (and pointers), along with a portion of the Milky Way.


© 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Star trails caress the retired (non-functioning) Vlamingh Head Lighthouse – Exmouth, on a blustery and balmy autumn night. This is a stacked image consisting of 61 images (each image f4 for 30 seconds at ISO 800). © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

More posts from this road trip to follow this.





Posting #1 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

I recently embarked on what turned out to be a quite a drive with the purpose of visiting an old mate from my teenage years whom I have not seen for more than 20 years! My old vehicle (1984 Toyota Hilux diesel) logged 9,193 km (5,712 miles) doing my return trip from Fremantle – Kununurra – Fremantle, Western Australia.

With an esky full of water and assorted sandwich-construction material, plus spare diesel, oil, etc., I essentially drove until it was time to find a bush-camp for the night. I’d awake early and continue northward, repeating as required until I arrived at Kununurra.

Subsequent blog postings will present more images from the trip to the north of this bloody big state.
Theses images document my travels up and back – I hope you will find them appealing.


It isn’t long until these emblematic signs present themselves, with varying fauna presented.


Iconic Aussie Wildlife (sans koala which is not native to WA) – Indian Ocean Road. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Having previously visited and photographed The Pinnacles (click here to view these) at Nambung National Park, near Cervantes, I chose to revisit and shoot more images from this amazing ‘moonscape’ before moving on and finding a place to camp for the night.


Early evening light bathes a portion of the calcium carbonate structures at The Pinnacles Desert. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



This image contains part of the Milky Way, plus the Southern Cross, a meteor, and Magellanic Clouds which are irregular dwarf galaxies visible from the southern hemisphere. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



© 2014 Andrew McInnes.



A long exposure for pin-wheel stars. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


This leaning tree is but one of many around the Greenough area. These River Gum/eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) have horizontal trunks due to exposure to strong and near-continuous southerly winds.


Leaning Tree of Greenough. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Should you find yourself anywhere near Geraldton or Walkaway, I thoroughly recommend a visit to Ellendale Pool, be it for a day trip or a place to camp – as I did for an evening.


This is a light-painting during the blue-hour of dusk.  © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Another light-painting, this time a little later in the evening. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Ahhh, a rope swing – top setting for it! © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Morning’s reflection. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Lovely spot to set up a caravan!


A “room with a view”. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


The ubiquitous and raucous Little Corella


Little Corellas in flight. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Little Corella. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.



Little Corella. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hope you enjoyed the early portion of my trip, if vicariously 🙂

More images from the trip to follow soon.







Same scene, different interpretation – Garner State Park, TX.

I recently traveled to the beautiful Garner State Park, Texas to photograph night shots which were to include light-painting.


This blog contains two images; though they were the exact same composition, and both taken after twilight, these are two very different images.

The first image is your “standard” light-painting and was taken after humanly visible light had vanished:

Garner State Park 2AM-115918

Garner State Park 2AM-115918
A single capture with light-painting.
Canon 7D with Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. f5.6 for 40 seconds at ISO 1600.
Copyright © Andrew McInnes/2AM Photography. All rights reserved.


The second image also includes light-painting, and the process of capturing this image was started about 10 minutes after the photo above.  However, this second image is a “stacked” image – I took 61 photographs, the first of which was the light-painting on the trees and “Old Baldy” then a further 60 images were taken without any light-painting (the last image is a “blank” which helps reduce the digital noise). Total exposure time equates to a little over 40 minutes. Each image had the exact settings of the first photo posted (above) and I compiled them using software that is dedicated to stacking images.


61 image stack for a total exposure time of ~40 minutes.
Each frame/picture had the following settings:
Canon 7D with Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 lens. f5.6 for 40 seconds at ISO 1600.
Copyright © Andrew McInnes/2AM Photography. All rights reserved.


I could have (and should have) taken a single, 40 minute long-exposure image as this would also have a slightly different interpretation of the scene. That longer exposure would have had more digital noise but smoother star-trails.


So from the same scene and the same composition we can get multiple interpretations/photographs by using different photographic techniques.

Hope you enjoyed these images 🙂


I have previously posted blogs showing this location (Garner State Park, Texas) in Fall color: