Two poems remembering… encouraged by photographs.

I was backing up my images recently and came across images of a Bald Eagle and the American Flag. These images inspired me to share two poems I wrote several years ago in response to the horrific, hate-driven attacks on Americans by radical islamic assholes on 9-11.

I find sharing my written words much more… exposing… than sharing my photographic images. These two poems come from different “persons” – the first one is a hypothetical first-person take, supposedly in real-time as the drama occurred. The second poem is partly autobiographical and as such is partly self-judgemental (I was a sailmaker at that time). It is mostly a personal “spew” whereby I vent…

Bald Eagle 2AM-15572

 Big Smoke in the Big Apple

Riding the controls
forcing the plane
to bank left
toward my office
window framing the unknown.

I see it coming and am unsure –
surely not. It can’t be. What the hell.
Stupid pilot. Can’t he see he’s too low?
He’s going to crash
into this building, killing
the passengers, killing himself, killing me.
This can’t be a mistake.
It must be terror.

What to do.
How can I think
during the unthinkable.
Do I log off? Do I warn everyone?
Did I tell her I love her?

No time now.
There was
Time wasted.

 Big smoke in the Big Apple,
Eden’s fruit now bitten.
Fire and smoke
extremism misinformed – smoke and mirrors
the view as I make the jump.

33 floors
sufficiently long

Bald Eagle 2AM-15645


Big smoke in the Big Apple.
Vengeance has spewed itself
and you return to your sewing
ignorant of the stench while others are praying
and saying “let’s roll”.

Ignorance has struck again.
Fire and smoke
extremism misinformed –
smoke and mirrors.
Radical Islam full of hate,
Imam’s non-reflective mirrors leading the blind
pups into peril.

To call them pups is too kind.
They are dogs. They are parasites
blemishing the human complexion.
Merciless in their ignorance,
the promise of future virgins
too much to handle.

Strange really,
they hate women.




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