Weather – an East Coast Low and a low pressure trough approaching Australia’s eastern seaboard.

A very powerful weather system is impacting a considerable portion of the east coast of Australia this weekend. Here is the Bureau of Meteorology link and the ABC link.

Here are three images: the first is an aerial image (drone) at Scarborough showing clear weather conditions before the system began to directly impact this section of the Illawarra Coast, and the remaining two images from Bald Hill show the first wave of weather making its way to the coast.


Scarborough-2AM-0014. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Bald Hill 2AM 2771-2772 Panorama. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Bald Hill 2AM-002769_noisereduced

Bald Hill 2AM-002769. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s to hoping the farmers and graziers get good rain where needed.

Springsure, Queensland – including a light-painting episode.

This is overlooking Virgin Rock and the town of Springsure in the Central Highlands Region of Queensland, Australia – as seen from Minerva Hills National Park. As is my want, I hiked in a few hours too early with all the required equipment and froze my bum off, waiting for dusk’s blue hour and the town lights to be on, in order to light-paint this scene…

This is the “before” image, taken on iPhone 5:

Springsure 2AM-000137 © Andrew McInnes


And this is the subsequent light-painting image.

Springsure 2AM 8300-8301 HDR

Springsure 2AM 8300-8301 stack © Andrew McInnes


The remaining images here are different views of Mount Zamia escarpment, incorporating Virgin Rock:

Longreach trip_2015

Springsure 2AM 8353-8355 Panorama © Andrew McInnes


This is a light-painting of the entrance to Springsure Golf Club.

Springsure 2AM-008319

Springsure 2AM-008319 © Andrew McInnes


For the following shots it was 1 degree C, and silly me, I was out photographing in thongs (i.e. Flip flops, not the underwear variety), light summer fishing pants, t-shirt and an old hoodie! Brrr.
On the left is Virgin Rock – a feature of the Mount Zamia escarpment.

The following two images are essentially very similar compositions, but were taken  50 minutes apart.
different light = different feel.

Springsure 2AM-008332

Springsure 2AM-008332 © Andrew McInnes

Springsure 2AM-008359

Springsure 2AM-008359 © Andrew McInnes


Hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse of this beautiful area of Queensland.