Springsure, Queensland – including a light-painting episode.

This is overlooking Virgin Rock and the town of Springsure in the Central Highlands Region of Queensland, Australia – as seen from Minerva Hills National Park. As is my want, I hiked in a few hours too early with all the required equipment and froze my bum off, waiting for dusk’s blue hour and the town lights to be on, in order to light-paint this scene…

This is the “before” image, taken on iPhone 5:

Springsure 2AM-000137 © Andrew McInnes


And this is the subsequent light-painting image.

Springsure 2AM 8300-8301 HDR

Springsure 2AM 8300-8301 stack © Andrew McInnes


The remaining images here are different views of Mount Zamia escarpment, incorporating Virgin Rock:

Longreach trip_2015

Springsure 2AM 8353-8355 Panorama © Andrew McInnes


This is a light-painting of the entrance to Springsure Golf Club.

Springsure 2AM-008319

Springsure 2AM-008319 © Andrew McInnes


For the following shots it was 1 degree C, and silly me, I was out photographing in thongs (i.e. Flip flops, not the underwear variety), light summer fishing pants, t-shirt and an old hoodie! Brrr.
On the left is Virgin Rock – a feature of the Mount Zamia escarpment.

The following two images are essentially very similar compositions, but were taken  50 minutes apart.
different light = different feel.

Springsure 2AM-008332

Springsure 2AM-008332 © Andrew McInnes

Springsure 2AM-008359

Springsure 2AM-008359 © Andrew McInnes


Hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse of this beautiful area of Queensland.



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