Sweet, delicious pineapples and the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Fresh locally grown pineapples on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland = DELICIOUS.

This series of photos (the first three) includes a pre-dusk image, then a blue-hour image including light-painting, then a startrail and light-painting image.

Pineapples 2AM-004190
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Glasshouse Mountains 2AM 4405_16_18_HDR
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Glasshouse Mountains 2AM 4418-4532_stack
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapple 2AM-008595
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapple 2AM-008599
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapple 2AM-008600
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Pineapples 2AM-8607-8612_stack
©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Cheers 🙂

Early-summer thunderstorms, Caloundra.

We have experienced a few dramatic early-summer thunderstorms at our new home over the last few weeks. These scenes are from Kings Beach and Happy Valley, at Caloundra – on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Some show storms building, others in mid-action, and others of the retreat.


Kings Beach 2AM 3781-3786 stitch


Caloundra 2AM-003731


Caloundra 2AM-003541


Caloundra 2AM-003548


Caloundra 2AM-003700


Caloundra 2AM-003701


Caloundra 2AM-003712


Kings Beach 2AM-003643


Kings Beach 2AM-003646


Kings Beach 2AM-003647


FARMS, NOT COAL – Breeza, on the Liverpool Plains of NSW, Australia.

‘nuf said?

The Liverpool Plains is a prime food and fibre producing area that is under imminent threat from several coal mines – at least one of which, the Shenhua Watermark mine, is foreign-owned (Chinese). These companies seek to rape and scar the land, deplete and contaminate aquifers, then pack up and leave once the destruction is no longer financially viable. Never mind that there are farmers, you know, living breathing hard-working people, with families and dreams, enduring incredible stress as they seek to remain being outstanding stewards of the land they sweat for. How and why our political “representatives” allow this is beyond me – I suppose it goes along with their belief in continued economic growth year on year. Well, let’s inform them that exponential growth is unattainable and to seek it is ignorantly irresponsible (but I guess it is politically astute?).

I am not against mining, per se, however I do have issues with “the commons” being over-extracted for the profits of a few whilst the landholder has little recompense for the invasion, and the people of this nation see very little direct financial benefits. As another roadside sign in the area states: “Wrong mine, wrong place.”

Breeza 2AM-001230

A pre-dawn light painting at Breeza, on the Liverpool Plains, NSW. Breeza 2AM-001230 ©Andrew McInnes.


Silos at dusk. Breeza 2AM-001216 ©Andrew McInnes.


I hope you enjoyed these images.

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Days 5 and 6: Moeraki and Dunedin, New Zealand – December 2015.

Days 5 and 6 – Moeraki and Dunedin.

Just outside the coastal town of Moeraki there are numerous large concretions, exposed and highly visible, lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach. I thoroughly recommend reading more about them (here is a Wikipedia link).

Here are a series of images captured during our brief visit.

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000526

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000526. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000500

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000500. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000496

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000496. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000517

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000517. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000533

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000533. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000549

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000549. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000538

Moeraki Boulders 2AM-000538. ©Andrew McInnes


After a thoroughly enjoyable dinner washed down with a local amber ale at the Moeraki Tavern, I took these shots of the nearby harbour. We had hoped to also eat at the famed Fleurs Place restaurant another night but, alas, it was closed for a while over the Christmas break.

Fleurs Place - Restaurant 2AM-000598

Fleurs Place – Restaurant 2AM-000598. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki 2AM-000599

Moeraki Bay 2AM-000599. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki 2AM-000593

Moeraki Bay 2AM-000593. ©Andrew McInnes

Moeraki 2AM-000595

Moeraki Bay 2AM-000595. ©Andrew McInnes


A little further south is the city of Dunedin, where I have family heritage. We had a joyous visit with a cousin and her family, and she accompanied us on a lovely hike to see the Organ Pipes. “The Otago peninsula was formed entirely by volcanic activity and the tall polygonal columns featured on this walk are remnants of this past. As molten lava cooled slowly beneath the hardened crust, it contracted and formed geometrical cracks which propagated downwards as the mass cooled.” (source: NZ Tramper website).

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000567

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000567. ©Andrew McInnes

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000576

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000576. ©Andrew McInnes

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000577

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000577. ©Andrew McInnes

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000578

The Organ Pipes 2AM-000578. ©Andrew McInnes


After the organ pipes we wanted to visit the world’s only mainland breeding colony of Royal Albatross so we ventured out to Taiaroa Head on the Otago Peninsula. Unfortunately we did not see any albatross, but there was a rather active colony of gulls. Whilst wandering along an observation path, we heard, then saw, quite an aerial commotion… upon further observation we saw a Black-backed Gull being harassed by several smaller gulls – the larger gull had apparently “kidnapped” a chick and was heading off with it. For those who may be a bit squeamish about natural history, the following two images may concern you.

Black-backed Gull 2AM-004861

Black-backed Gull 2AM-004861. ©Andrew McInnes

Black-backed Gull 2AM-004882

Black-backed Gull 2AM-004882. ©Andrew McInnes


Looking down the steep cliffs of Taiaroa Head I was entranced by bull kelp (Durvillaea species) as it seemingly twirled and shimmied in a whimsical tango with the ocean.
Rimurapa - Bull Kelp 2AM-004857


Overlooking the spit within Otago Harbour – our lunch spot on our way back to Moeraki.

Harrington Point 2AM-000580

Harrington Point 2AM-000580. ©Andrew McInnes


Back to Mouraki, we were thrilled and fortunate to observe, up close, a few Yellow-eyed Penguins (Megadyptes antipodes)! These New Zealand endemics (native) are purported to be among the worlds rarest penguin species.

Yellow-eyed Penguin 2AM-004739

Yellow-eyed Penguin 2AM-004739. ©Andrew McInnes

Yellow-eyed Penguin 2AM-004780

Yellow-eyed Penguin 2AM-004780. ©Andrew McInnes


Thanks for visiting – I hope you enjoyed these images.
Cheers 🙂

Springsure, Queensland – including a light-painting episode.

This is overlooking Virgin Rock and the town of Springsure in the Central Highlands Region of Queensland, Australia – as seen from Minerva Hills National Park. As is my want, I hiked in a few hours too early with all the required equipment and froze my bum off, waiting for dusk’s blue hour and the town lights to be on, in order to light-paint this scene…

This is the “before” image, taken on iPhone 5:

Springsure 2AM-000137 © Andrew McInnes


And this is the subsequent light-painting image.

Springsure 2AM 8300-8301 HDR

Springsure 2AM 8300-8301 stack © Andrew McInnes


The remaining images here are different views of Mount Zamia escarpment, incorporating Virgin Rock:

Longreach trip_2015

Springsure 2AM 8353-8355 Panorama © Andrew McInnes


This is a light-painting of the entrance to Springsure Golf Club.

Springsure 2AM-008319

Springsure 2AM-008319 © Andrew McInnes


For the following shots it was 1 degree C, and silly me, I was out photographing in thongs (i.e. Flip flops, not the underwear variety), light summer fishing pants, t-shirt and an old hoodie! Brrr.
On the left is Virgin Rock – a feature of the Mount Zamia escarpment.

The following two images are essentially very similar compositions, but were taken  50 minutes apart.
different light = different feel.

Springsure 2AM-008332

Springsure 2AM-008332 © Andrew McInnes

Springsure 2AM-008359

Springsure 2AM-008359 © Andrew McInnes


Hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse of this beautiful area of Queensland.



Murphy’s Haystacks – Streaky Bay, South Australia.

Near Streaky Bay, South Australia, there is a farmer’s field containing numerous pink granitic rock formations – known as inselbergs (or monadnocks for those of you in the U.S.A.) and are located between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Both of these images are light paintings.

For this first image I wanted to create a look of Aboriginal rock art being illuminated by fires in the recesses between the boulders. This is a stacked image.


Murphy’s Haystacks 2AM 6674-6675and6678-6679 stack. © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

For this second image I wanted to create the look/feel of a giant wave breaking over a boulder on a beach (hence the use of the blue gel on a flash) – the light-painting was a duo effort, one with an orange lights, one with a LED light.


Murphy’s Haystacks 2AM-006698 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Nullarbor/Bunda Cliffs – South Australia

A spectacular stop along the Nullarbor Plain and Eyre Peninsula in the very western parts of South Australia- we rested here for a night and enjoyed being surrounded by lightning storms and their associated thumping thunder.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM 6514-6517 Panorama © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM 6526and6529and6543 stack. © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006542 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006502

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006502 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006487 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006492 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006495

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006495 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Lunar Eclipse over Perth, Western Australia – October 8, 2014

The ‘blood moon’ of the lunar eclipse over the city of Perth, Western Australia.

A little fun and experimentation with multiple exposure images and multiple lenses with the purpose of emphasizing the eclipsed “blood moon” over downtown Perth.
This is a double exposure image (two images) shot on the same camera body, but with two different lenses (the city at 73mm, the moon at 400mm).
The moon is, shall we say, ridiculously out of scale, but there is certainly emphasis on it 😉

Lunar Eclipse 2AM-006251and006254_composite. ©2014 Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Lunar Eclipse 2AM-006251and006254_composite.
©2014 Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.