Murphy’s Haystacks – Streaky Bay, South Australia.

Near Streaky Bay, South Australia, there is a farmer’s field containing numerous pink granitic rock formations – known as inselbergs (or monadnocks for those of you in the U.S.A.) and are located between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Both of these images are light paintings.

For this first image I wanted to create a look of Aboriginal rock art being illuminated by fires in the recesses between the boulders. This is a stacked image.


Murphy’s Haystacks 2AM 6674-6675and6678-6679 stack. © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

For this second image I wanted to create the look/feel of a giant wave breaking over a boulder on a beach (hence the use of the blue gel on a flash) – the light-painting was a duo effort, one with an orange lights, one with a LED light.


Murphy’s Haystacks 2AM-006698 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.