Drought Busters 2018 – western QLD

These images are from documenting the Drought Busters 2018 hay run to Thargomindah, in western Queensland. It was bloody dry with not a blade of grass to be found, and although good rains have recently fallen, our battling bushies still have a long row to hoe. My movie of the hay run can be found by clicking here or on the “movies” tab on my webpage.

Drought Busters 2AM 0110-0117 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007320
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007172
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007173
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007137
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007195
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007196
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007257
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM 0077-0079 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM 0086-0088 stitch
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000067
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000070
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000073
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000076
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000081
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000092
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000098
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000100
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000104
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000106
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000108
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000118
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000125
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-007208
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000129
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000131
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000137
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000139
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000142
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000301
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM-000308
©Andrew McInnes


Drought Busters 2AM 7210-7213 stack
©Andrew McInnes


Cheers 🙂

Eidsvold Charity Cattle Drive – Eidsvold, Queensland, 2018

This photo essay shows a portion of the experience of the 2018 Eidsvold Charity Cattle Drive. To watch a short video I made of the 2018 cattle drive, click here.

The second running of this cattle drive occurred 8th-14th  April, 2018.

ECCD_2018 2AM-00039111 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00045311 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00051011 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00051111 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0000161 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0000271 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0000361 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0000511 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0001191 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0001781 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0001831 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0001921 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0003931 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-000405 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0004141 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-000426 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0005021 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0005301 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0005372 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-000542 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0005641 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0005781 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 0591-0595 stitch ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0006031 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00006261 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00006291 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0000633 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0006371 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 0645-0651 stitch ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0006671 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00006811 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007261 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0008601 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0008611 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0008701 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0008861 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0009301 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0009391 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0010021 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0010781 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0010891 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0010911 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0010981 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0011031 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064121 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007531 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007581 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0011451 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-001152 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0001791 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0002001 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00022011 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00022811 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00051411 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00053711 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 5474-5477 stack ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0054801 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0054901 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-005503 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 5549-5550 stitch ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0055881 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 5592-5620 stack ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 5633-5643 stitch ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0056921 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0057521 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-005816 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0058731 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0059051 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0059291 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0059481 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0059551 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0059761 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0059831 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0060291 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0060571 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0060691 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0060711 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-006091 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0061041 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0061501 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0061731 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0061801 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0061831 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0061921 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0062091 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00061811 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00062111 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00062311 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0062211 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0062401 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0062951 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0062981 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0063081 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0063151 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0063171 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0063291 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0063301 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0063331 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064051 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064671 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064681 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064711 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064731 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064841 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064821 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0064801 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007031 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007251 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM 7291-7331 stitch ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007701 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007741 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-00077611 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007911 ©Andrew McInnes

ECCD_2018 2AM-0007931 ©Andrew McInnes



So there you go, a sample of the experience.

Cheers 🙂

“OMG – Mine Your Food Bowl?” Open-cut coal mines on the Liverpool Plains?

I recently conducted a 36 hour reconnaissance drive up to Breeza and Caroona on the Liverpool Plains area of NSW to examine the area where several open-cut coal mines have been proposed – at least one of which, the Shenhua Watermark mine, is foreign-owned. The Liverpool Plains a highly productive region of Australia with vast acres in production of barley, chickpeas, faba beans, sorghum, sunflowers, soybeans, maize, wheat and cotton, plus grazing of beef cattle and sheep. I concur with the protesters slogan of “Wrong mine, wrong place.”

On the drive up I hoped to photograph the extensive raping and scarring of the land through the Hunter Valley but opportunities are not prevalent from the roadside due to significant concealing of operations and the resultant ramifications. I am not against mining, per se, however I do have issues with “the commons” being over-extracted for the profits of a few whilst the landholder has little recompense for the invasion, and the people of this nation see very little direct financial benefits.

The following two signs are in close proximity, located alongside the Kamilaroi Hwy, near Breeza.

Anti Mining Sign 2AM-007978

Anti-Mining Sign 2AM-007978 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Anti Mining Sign 2AM-007974

Anti-Mining Sign 2AM-007974 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Should they be able to mine this…

Liverpool Plains

Liverpool Plains 2AM 1217-1221 pano © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

and turn it into this?

Coal Mine 2AM-001179

Coal Mine 2AM-001179 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Coal Train 2AM-007879

Coal Train 2AM-007879 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Here is a warning sign to the public (the same public who paid for the road) that as a result of mining activity in the Hunter Valley the public infrastructure is likely compromised…

Road Subsidence Sign 2AM-007875

Road Subsidence Sign 2AM-007875 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Road Subsidence Sign 2AM-007876

Road Subsidence Sign 2AM-007876 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Let’s Lock the Gate “to protect our common heritage – our land, water and communities – from unsafe or inappropriate mining for coal seam gas and other fossil fuels.”

Lock the Gate 2AM-007873

Lock the Gate 2AM-007873 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Anti Mining Sign 2AM-001222

Anti-Mining Sign 2AM-001222 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Anti Mining Sign 2AM-001223

Anti-Mining Sign 2AM-001223 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Anti Mining Sign 2AM-001224

Anti-Mining Sign 2AM-001224 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


To wrap this blog-post up here are several images capturing a very small portion of the scenery, productivity, and lifestyle of this magnificent agricultural region. I am very grateful to the property owners for their time and the access to their properties.

These first four images were captured as I arrived just prior to dusk at “Rossmar Park” near Caroona.

Sunflowers 2AM-007901

Sunflowers 2AM-007901 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Galah 2AM-001190

Galah 2AM-001190 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Galah 2AM-001191

Galah 2AM-001191 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Farm Gate 2AM-007885

Farm Gate 2AM-007885 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


The next morning, along Coonabarabran Rd, near Caroona.

Sign and Stars 2AM-7888-7889 stack

Sign and Stars 2AM-7888-7889 stack © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Silos and Trees 2AM-007898

Silos and Trees 2AM-007898 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

“Breeza Station”
– Breeza.

Breeza Station 2AM-007937

Breeza Station 2AM-007937 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Australian Pelican 2AM-001241

Australian Pelican 2AM-001241 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Corn 2AM-001229

Corn 2AM-001229 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Corn 2AM-001253

Corn 2AM-001253 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-007991

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-007991 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-007993

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-007993 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-008005

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-008005 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-001265

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-001265 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-008002

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-008002 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-001267

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-001267 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-007999

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-007999 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-008001

Sorghum Harvest 2AM-008001 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Breeza Station 2AM-007944

Breeza Station 2AM-007944 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Woolshed 2AM-007946

Woolshed 2AM-007946 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Woolshed 2AM-007950

Woolshed 2AM-007950 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Woolshed 2AM 7961-7962 HDR

Woolshed 2AM 7961-7962 HDR © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Silos at Dusk 2AM 8019-8021 HDR

Silos at Dusk 2AM 8019-8021 HDR © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


“Drayton” – Breeza

Dam at Dawn 2AM 8045-8050 Panorama_crop

Dam at Dawn 2AM 8045-8050 Panorama © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Clouds 2AM-001311

Clouds 2AM-001311 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sunflowers 2AM-001297

Sunflowers 2AM-001297 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Sunflowers 2AM-008059

Sunflowers 2AM-008059 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-001276

Irrigation Ditch 2AM-001276 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Black-shouldered Kite 2AM-001305

Black-shouldered Kite 2AM-001305 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Cheers 🙂

Murphy’s Haystacks – Streaky Bay, South Australia.

Near Streaky Bay, South Australia, there is a farmer’s field containing numerous pink granitic rock formations – known as inselbergs (or monadnocks for those of you in the U.S.A.) and are located between Streaky Bay and Port Kenny on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Both of these images are light paintings.

For this first image I wanted to create a look of Aboriginal rock art being illuminated by fires in the recesses between the boulders. This is a stacked image.


Murphy’s Haystacks 2AM 6674-6675and6678-6679 stack. © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

For this second image I wanted to create the look/feel of a giant wave breaking over a boulder on a beach (hence the use of the blue gel on a flash) – the light-painting was a duo effort, one with an orange lights, one with a LED light.


Murphy’s Haystacks 2AM-006698 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Nullarbor/Bunda Cliffs – South Australia

A spectacular stop along the Nullarbor Plain and Eyre Peninsula in the very western parts of South Australia- we rested here for a night and enjoyed being surrounded by lightning storms and their associated thumping thunder.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM 6514-6517 Panorama © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM 6526and6529and6543 stack. © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006542 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006502

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006502 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006487 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.


Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006492 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006495

Nullarbor Cliffs 2AM-006495 © Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Posting #12 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

The 12th and final posting of my trip up to Kununurra and back!
This is a small collection of images from a brief detour to visit the wonderful Tunnel Creek National Park.

The view as you near Tunnel Creek along Leopold Downs Road. This is part of the Napier Range: Devonian reef from 350 – 375 million years ago.

Devonian Reef 2AM-003686. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Devonian Reef 2AM-003682. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Underneath the bluff in the following picture is ‘Tunnel Creek’ – a 750 meter erosion tunnel through the Napier Range, eroded by a creek. The tunnel is purported to be the oldest cave system in Western Australia!


Tunnel Creek National Park 2AM-003691. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

This is a day-use park only; this is my trusty 1984 Toyota Hilux in the parking area – only a very short hike to the cave entrance.

Tunnel Creek National Park 2AM-003689. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Along the trail to the cave entrance…

Tunnel Creek National Park 2AM-003700. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Inside Tunnel Creek, looking back toward the entrance…

Tunnel Creek National Park 2AM-003765. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Looking deeper into Tunnel Creek – follow it to the right 😉

Tunnel Creek National Park 2AM-003772. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Tunnel Creek National Park 2AM-003774. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.


That’s it for now. Until next time, thanks for visiting.





Posting #9 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

Other than the first two images, this post contains only aerial views of the Kununurra area, captured from a Robinson R22 helicopter owned and operated by Top End Mustering.

This is the helicopter for the trip, and the pilot – Ty Rankin (of Top End Mustering).


Helicopter and Pilot 2AM-003668. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Helicopter 2AM-003669. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

The Kimberley savannah and a portion of the lower Ord River – Ivanhoe Station.


Helicopter-and-Ord-River-2AM-003625. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Below the dam of Lake Argyle, the Ord River Diversion Dam holds back Lake Kununurra, which gravity feeds the Ord River Irrigation Area with water via the Main Channel. The Victoria Highway crosses the river here.


Ord River Diversion Dam 2AM-003654. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Downstream of the Ord River Diversion Dam; the lowest reaches of Lake Kununurra meander to the upper left of the image, then beyond.


Ord River Diversion Dam 2AM-003638. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

River flow below the Diversion Dam.


Ord River 2AM-003616. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

These next few images capture some of the irrigation ditches and the agriculture that depends on them.


Ord River Irrigation Area 2AM-003541. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Ord River Irrigation Area 2AM-003567. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Though a variety of crops are present (and others tried previously), these are Indian Sandalwood.


Ord River Irrigation Area 2AM-003555. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Ord River Irrigation Area 2AM-003554. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Great cattle stations abound in the Kimberley, and this savannah, like those throughout the world, look resplendent after the rains.


Kimberley Savanna 2AM-003535. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Kimberley Savanna 2AM-003528. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Kununurra 2AM-003604. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

A pair of graves on a station near Kununurra – DEACON, Thomas, died 28.6.1905 (age 49) & DURACK Neil Joseph, died 28.11.1920 (drowned, age 30).


Gravestones – Ivanhoe Station 2AM-003608. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Bordering the irrigation area are numerous ranges such as this.


Kununurra 2AM-003530. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Edging and among the ranges there are numerous waterholes such as this, many with waterfalls (during/after the wet).


Kununurra 2AM-003597. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Back to the immediate vicinity of Kununurra: This is “Sleeping Buddha”/Elephant Rock on the edge of Lake Kununurra.


Sleeping Buddha 2AM-003512. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Sleeping Buddha floodplain 2AM-003517. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Two views of Lake Kununurra Golf Club – one of the hosts for famed the Ord Valley Muster.


Lake Kununurra Golf Club 2AM-003662. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Lake Kununurra Golf Club 2AM-003664. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

The next post will feature Lake Kununurra – I hope you enjoyed this post.


Posting #8 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

Mirima/Hidden Valley National Park – Kununurra, Western Australia.
Bungle Bungles in miniature – located just minutes from Kununurra, Mirima/Hidden Valley is a small park with sandstone ranges, cliffs and valleys, similar in appearance (and formed by similar processes) to parts of the Bungle Bungles (Purnululu National Park). The 350 million year old sandstone features within the park are subject to some striking colour changes due to sunlight variances.

Here is the ‘mini Bungle Bungles’ (a portion of Mirima/Hidden Valley), viewed from a helicopter, including the town of Kununurra, Lily Creek, Indian Sandalwood plantations, and a portion of the surrounding ranges.


Kununurra and Mini Bungle Bungles 2AM-003518 © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003519 © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden-Valley-National-Park-2AM-003533. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Okay, back on terra firma – time for a wander through Hidden Valley…


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003277. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003262. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003180. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003224. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003281. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003284. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003200. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003206. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003249. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003259. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Hidden Valley National Park 2AM-003273. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Posting #7 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

Ah, I arrived at my destination – Kununurra – after 9 days of driving and bush camping. Here are some images around the greater Kununurra area from the first day or so.

Not far short of Kununurra, and the scenery, topography, and geology changes (after leaving Halls Creek).


Great Northern Highway 2AM-003678. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Assorted roadside grasses…


Grass 2AM-002958. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Grass 2AM-002960. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Grass 2AM-003141. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

The fishing is fantastic in the Kimberley; this is a 1.14 meter Barramundi (released immediately after photo) caught on the lower Ord River.


Fisherman and Barramundi 2AM-3066. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

The ubiquitous estaurine crocodiles (“Saltwater Crocodile”) necessitate care around the water.


Saltwater Crocodile 2AM-004748. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Saltwater Crocodile 2AM-004757. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Saltwater Crocodile 2AM-004771. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.


Iconic Kimberley vistas…
If you have watched the movie “Australia” then you may recognise this geologic feature, known as ‘House Roof Hill’ – it is the backdrop to the fictional “Faraway Downs” homestead.
This image was captured very early on another glorious Kimberley morning.


House Roof Hill 2AM-003047. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

The next image is “False House Roof Hill” – neighboring bluffs along the Ord River.


False House Roof Hill 2AM-003013. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

The April 2014 Lunar Eclipse occurred whilst I was in this area. The following image captures part of this eclipse over a Kimberley range.


Lunar Eclipse 2AM-004793. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Lake Argyle is Australia’s largest artificial lake (by volume). It is part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme and is a sight to behold. Unfortunately these “roadside” images are all I managed to capture of this vast and beautiful feature – I must return and spend time above and on the lake!


Lake Argyle 2AM_3131-3134 panoramic. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

An alternate view of the Ord River Dam – construction was completed in 1971.


Lake Argyle 2AM-003126. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.

Grass in seed along the dam wall – beautiful April conditions.


Lake Argyle 2AM-003137. © 2014 Andrew McInnes.