Aerial views of the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Aerial views of some of the volcanic plugs (remnants of volcanic activity that occurred 25-27 million years ago), known as the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Some of the mountains included in these images are Mount Beerwah, Mount Coonowrin (‘Crookneck’), Mount Ngungun, Mount Tibrogargan, and Mount Tunbubudla (‘The Twins’).

Mount Beerwah 2AM-000330 ©Andrew McInnes


Mount Beerwah 2AM 0319-0324 stitch ©Andrew McInnes


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The view from Mount Ngungun – the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland.

The 360 degree view afforded from the top of Mt. Ngungun is fascinating – the 2.8 km (return) hike up is well worth including in your plans.

These are some of the volcanic plugs (remnants of volcanic activity that occurred 25-27 million years ago), known as the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. These two are, from nearest to furthest, Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah, as seen from Mount Ngungun.



Glasshouse Mountains 2AM-003979. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Glasshouse Mountains 2AM-004006. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Glasshouse Mountains 2am 3992-3995_stitch ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Glasshouse Mountains 2AM-004003. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Glasshouse Mountains 2AM-004009. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Glasshouse Mountains 2AM-004013. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Glasshouse Mountains 2AM-004021. ©Andrew McInnes. All Rights Reserved.



Day 8 – Fiordland and Cascade Creek, New Zealand – December 2015

Ah, to have more time to explore and be awed by Fiordland National Park! And a revisit in late winter/early spring is in order too.
We ventured along the Te Anau – Milford Highway, to hike the Key Summit, a day-hike portion of the Routeburn Track, beginning at The Divide. Spectacular!

Here is a portion of the view from the end of Key Summit.

Routeburn Track 2AM 0796-0800 pano

Routeburn Track 2AM 0796-0800 panorama. ©Andrew McInnes


Hiking (“tramping” in NZ) up to Key Summit.

Routeburn Track 2AM-000788

Routeburn Track 2AM-000788. ©Andrew McInnes


A loo with a view – sort of.

Routeburn Track 2AM-000814

Routeburn Track 2AM-000814. ©Andrew McInnes


Driving into Fiordland National Park in the morning we noticed a field of lupins and thought that it would be worth a look on the way out that evening. What a beautiful scene it turned out to be!

This is Cascade Creek, along the Te Anau-Milford Hwy.

Cascade Creek 2AM 0827-0832 Pano

Cascade Creek 2AM 0827-0832 Panorama. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM 0842-0843 pano

Cascade Creek 2AM 0842-0843 panorama. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000819

Cascade Creek 2AM-000819. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000844

Cascade Creek 2AM-000844. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000863

Cascade Creek 2AM-000863. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000865

Cascade Creek 2AM-000865. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000889

Cascade Creek 2AM-000889. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000835

Cascade Creek 2AM-000835. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000818

Cascade Creek 2AM-000818. ©Andrew McInnes

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