Day 8 – Fiordland and Cascade Creek, New Zealand – December 2015

Ah, to have more time to explore and be awed by Fiordland National Park! And a revisit in late winter/early spring is in order too.
We ventured along the Te Anau – Milford Highway, to hike the Key Summit, a day-hike portion of the Routeburn Track, beginning at The Divide. Spectacular!

Here is a portion of the view from the end of Key Summit.

Routeburn Track 2AM 0796-0800 pano

Routeburn Track 2AM 0796-0800 panorama. ©Andrew McInnes


Hiking (“tramping” in NZ) up to Key Summit.

Routeburn Track 2AM-000788

Routeburn Track 2AM-000788. ©Andrew McInnes


A loo with a view – sort of.

Routeburn Track 2AM-000814

Routeburn Track 2AM-000814. ©Andrew McInnes


Driving into Fiordland National Park in the morning we noticed a field of lupins and thought that it would be worth a look on the way out that evening. What a beautiful scene it turned out to be!

This is Cascade Creek, along the Te Anau-Milford Hwy.

Cascade Creek 2AM 0827-0832 Pano

Cascade Creek 2AM 0827-0832 Panorama. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM 0842-0843 pano

Cascade Creek 2AM 0842-0843 panorama. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000819

Cascade Creek 2AM-000819. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000844

Cascade Creek 2AM-000844. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000863

Cascade Creek 2AM-000863. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000865

Cascade Creek 2AM-000865. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000889

Cascade Creek 2AM-000889. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000835

Cascade Creek 2AM-000835. ©Andrew McInnes

Cascade Creek 2AM-000818

Cascade Creek 2AM-000818. ©Andrew McInnes

I hope you like lupins 😉
Thanks for viewing my images.

Cheers 🙂

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