Assorted Critters (non-avian) – Australia, Belize, USA

Assorted non-avian critters from Australia, Belize, USA. Most taken with Canon 30D camera and Canon 100-400 mm lens (predominantly handheld). All of these animals (excepting the domestic dog and horses) are wild and “free”.

Bottlenose dolphin and red snapper.


American Alligator.


American Alligator and Roseate Spoonbills.


American Alligator - a mating behavior.


a very loud, and in this case fatal, chomp on a turtle.


American Black Bear just prior to hybernation.


American Black Bear (same individual as prior image).


Australian Shepherd and snow - not wildlife but a handsome dog nonetheless.


Bee (unidentified).


Bee and Morning Glory flower.


Another bee, another flower.


Black Iguana.


Green Iguana - cryptic coloration.


Green Iguana.


Coyote - "fearful and aggressive" behavior. This individual has been ravaged by sarcoptic mange, hence the lack of fur and the open flesh wounds. The temperature was 20 degrees F on the day I captured this image - surely this individual perished soon thereafter.


Coyote. This individual heard the camera shutter and looked "straight at me" but I was apparently sufficiently camouflaged to not "spook" it. Also, the wind was blowing strongly from right-to-left in this image so my scent was apparently not detected.


Eastern Chipmunk - too cute are these little fella's.


Eastern Grey Squirrel in winter.


Golden Silk Spider - large strong web.


Gulf Fritillary.


Gulf Fritillary - another look.


Gulf Fritillary - last look.


Horses and wildflowers.


Morelet's Crocodile.


Northern Bluet Damselfly.


Platypus - approximately 30 cm (12") in length.


"Bluebottle" (Portuguese man o' war) on the beach.


This raccoon was swimming across a rather wide lake. It made several attempts to "join us" in the boat.


Rustic Sphinx Caterpillar in our yard - feasting on vitex sp.


Unidentified caterpillar with external parasites (the white bits on the posterior 2/3).


Unidentified water snake.




Adult and "Joey" (juvenile) wallaby.


Water Moccasin.


Water Moccasin - the "business end."


White-Tailed Deer juvenile.


White-Tailed Deer buck.



3 thoughts on “Assorted Critters (non-avian) – Australia, Belize, USA

  1. it amazes me that you can capture the beautiful drool of a happy australian shepherd! or the transluscence of a bees wings! keep on clickin’ !!

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