Posting #11 of my road trip from Fremantle to Kununurra, Western Australia.

Near Wyndham, and still proximal to Kununurra, is a world-renowned birding area known as Marlgu Billabong – part of  Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve. Dusk and dawn are the best times to visit and observe the varied avifauna, yet anytime is a good time to be outdoors 🙂

The scenery as you enter Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve…

Parry Lagoons 2AM-003095. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Arriving at Marlgu Billabong…

Marlgu Billabong 2AM-005110. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Marlgu Billabong 2AM-003119. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

A sampling of the abundant bird wildlife:

Comb-crested Jacana 2AM-004971. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Darter 2AM-005135. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Darter 2AM-005135. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Rainbow Bee-eater 2AM-005024. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Pied Heron 2AM-005218. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Pied Heron 2AM-005224. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

In addition to the wildlife, flora abounds. These water lilies were stunning at dusk…

Water Lily 2AM-005409. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Water Lily 2AM-005415. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Water Lily 2AM-005097. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Water Lily 2AM-005148. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Water Lily 2AM-005264. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Water Lily 2AM-005446. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Dusk over Marlgu Billabong.

Marlgu Billabong 2AM-003120. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.


Two quick views over nearby Wyndham, including tidal flats.

Five Rivers Lookout 2AM-003297-003299-panorama. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.

Five Rivers Lookout 2AM-003300. ©2014 Andrew McInnes.


That’s it for this post; I hope you enjoyed the images.