Autumn colour, toadstools, and a train station in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

This past weekend I spent a brief couple of hours photographing near Mount Wilson and Katoomba in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia.

Although it is the end of the season, remnant autumn colour abounds at Breenhold Gardens. I went looking for colour and fanciful toadstools on a brisk and breezy dusk and was fortunate to find both.


Autumn Leaves 2AM-008205 © Andrew McInnes


This quintessential toadstool, Amanita muscaria, is commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita. I looked hard but unfortunately I failed to find any gnomes or fairies 😉

Amanita muscaria - Toadstool 2AM-001323

Amanita muscaria – Toadstool 2AM-001323 © Andrew McInnes


A bit more colour…

Autumn Colour 2AM 8175-7 HDR

Autumn Colour 2AM 8175-8177 HDR © Andrew McInnes

Autumn Leaves 2AM-008172

Autumn Leaves 2AM-008172 © Andrew McInnes

Pink Spider Lily 2AM-001341

Pink Spider Lily 2AM-001341 © Andrew McInnes


More fungi – clumps of mushrooms.

Mushrooms 2AM-001314

Mushrooms 2AM-001314 © Andrew McInnes


On the way home after dark I stopped in Katoomba as the train station caught my eye. The first two images were on the way to the platform…

Katoomba Railway Station 2AM-008226

Katoomba Railway Station 2AM-008226 © Andrew McInnes

Katoomba Railway Station 2AM-008229

Katoomba Railway Station 2AM-008229 © Andrew McInnes


This is the view of the Katoomba train station that enticed me to stop and photograph on what was fast becoming a bloody cold evening.

Katoomba Railway Station 2AM-008223

I hope you enjoyed this very limited discovery of a portion of the Blue Mountains.

Cheers 🙂