Empress Falls in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Empress Falls is a stunning waterfall near the town of Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. The Valley of the Waters Creek pours over fern-fringed ledges as Empress Falls, a 30 metre fall into a cold deep pool.

The hike in and out from The Conservation Hut is slightly vigorous (about 30 minutes hike each way), yet absolutely worth it if you are hesitant, especially if you like waterfalls.

This image shows the final section of descent to the bottom of the waterfall.

Empress Falls 2AM-009335

Empress Falls 2AM-009335 © Andrew McInnes


On the lower section of the bushwalk there are numerous seeps and soaks, especially if there has been recent rains.

Empress Falls 2AM-009339

Empress Falls 2AM-009339 © Andrew McInnes


Abseiling (rappelling) is very popular and the Blue Mountains Adventure Company can provide the experience for you.

Empress Falls 2AM-009348

Empress Falls 2AM-009348 © Andrew McInnes


A little further downstream of Empress Falls are a series of smaller, but no less beautiful waterfalls such as the following image of Sylvia Falls.

Empress Falls 2AM-009358

Sylvia Falls 2AM-009358 © Andrew McInnes



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