A few beach and intertidal images from Iluka, NSW.

An assortment of subjects from the beach and intertidal zones near Iluka, NSW.

A winding path with a turn back – a gastropod trail in the sand.

Beach Tracks 2AM-007195

Beach Tracks 2AM-007195 © Andrew McInnes

Iluka Dawn 2AM-007196

Iluka Dawn 2AM-007196 © Andrew McInnes

Dawn Fishing 2AM-009847

Dawn Fishing 2AM-009847 © Andrew McInnes

Ghost Crab 2AM-009873

Ghost Crab 2AM-009873 © Andrew McInnes

Kelp - Intertidal rock pool 2AM-007210

Ecklonia radiata – kelp 2AM-007210 © Andrew McInnes

Neptune's Necklace 2AM-007209

Neptune’s Necklace 2AM-007209 © Andrew McInnes


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